Our Mission Statement

CTL Financial, LLC is committed to providing a personal, independent, comprehensive service to help your business and/or your family reach their financial goals. We achieve this by developing personal relationships with each and every client; understanding you is the first step to understanding your individual needs.

Our mission is to make our relationships about more than a percentage return at the end of the year. We give advice on tax issues, retirement planning, investment management, family and business protection through insurance and estate planning. For example, proper advice in taking IRA distributions or the correct titling of life insurance can save your business or family thousands of dollars in taxes and penalties. That advice added to a percentage return in any one year is the true value of our service.

Of course, we cannot predict the future course of the market or guarantee specific returns, but we will work to understand your needs, provide independent advice, and look at your financial life in a comprehensive scope to provide value in every area we advise.